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Length Difficulty Streams Views Solitude Camping
8.2 mls
Hiking Time:
Elev. Gain:
4.5 hours plus a half hour for lunch
1,440 ft
Monongahela National Forest
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e.g.. 12000 Government Center Parkway 22035 or Fairfax VA
NOTE: The directions above take you to Beulah Rd in Glady. Continue on Beulah Rd for 3.9 miles and park on the right 75 yards before the High Falls trailhead. 38.79598, -79.71564

High Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Monongahela, and at an altitude of over 2,800ft, one of the highest. The High Falls trail passes through old growth forest, and large hemlock as it winds through the saddle on Shavers Mountain. This is a beautiful hike in the backcountry of the Monongahela National Forest.

From the parking pull-out on FR44/Beulah Rd, walk 75 yards to the blue blazed/diamond High Falls trailhead. Follow the High Falls Trail for 0.2 miles and cross West Fork over a wooden footbridge. In another 0.3 miles the High Falls trail will join the Allegheny trail at an old access road.

Cross the access road and pass through a large field, as the now blue/yellow blazed Allegheny/High Falls trail climbs Shaver Mountain. In 1.2 miles from the field, arrive at the saddle on Shaver Mountain and the only good campsite on the hike (no water). Just past the campsite arrive at the intersection where the Allegheny Trail splits left.

Stay straight, now going downhill on the blue blazed High Falls trail and reach a small abandoned service road in 0.2 miles. Important: Turn right as the blue blazed trail now follows the service road (SR), and DOES NOT cross it. Follow the blue blazed SR for another 0.2 miles where the High Falls trail turns left off the SR downhill.

Follow the blue blazed High Falls trail for 1.1 miles where the trail arrives at the railroad tracks. Important: DO NOT descend the burn on the other side of the railroad tracks. Turn right, the High Falls trail will now follow beside the railroad tracks the remaining 0.9 miles to High Falls. DO NOT walk in the center of the tracks, and pay extra attention for trains.

High Falls is a stopping point for a scenic rail tour, and it's possible that when you arrive at the depot hut, and High Falls, there are a group of people. If a scenic tour passes make sure to wave to the passengers, as they'll be wondering where you came from :)

At the small depot and High Falls, follow the trail as it heads to either the upper or lower viewpoint. High Falls is horseshoe shaped, and over 100ft wide, falling 20ft into a large pool below.

To return, retrace your route back over Shavers Mountain. Be extra cautious listening for trains on the return route, as they generally approach from the north at your back.

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Hiker Reviews For The High Falls Hike (5 Most Recent)
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By: Rating: Date of Hike: Sunday, May 17, 2015
Beautiful hike!! Took our dogs they loved it!!

By: NateC4 Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Absolutely love this hike! We have come up here for the last three years to jump off the falls and camp. The hike to the falls is a quick 2-3 hours depending on your pace and the campsites are great. There are even modern conveniences including porta-potties and trashcans right by the falls.

By: Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, January 04, 2014
Great winter day hike!  Bluebird day with 6" of fresh snow hanging on all the trees, no tracks on the trail, nobody at the falls.   Doesn't get much better than that!   Trail was well marked where it ran with Allegheny Trail but blazing is sporadic on section after Allegheny Trail cut off up the ridge.    Still the trail was fairly evident and didn't have any problems locating it.   4* when I started but warmed up nicely and was 32* when I got back to truck.  Took about 5 hours including 1/2 hour spent at the falls.  

By: Russell Tuning Rating: Date of Hike: Thursday, April 25, 2013
This is a real nice hike.It took me and a freind about 2 hours to reach the falls.Real good fishing and a beautifull place.Well worth the trip.The front side of the mountain is marked real good and easy to fallow but the back side needs work and very hard to find the trail.

By: salzapal Rating: Date of Hike: Sunday, May 27, 2012
We took the whole family ( three boys). Even our seven year old did great. Make sure to wear long pants as there are plenty of stickers and thorns early on. If you don't bring water there are a few running streams you can fill up and tastes great too. We use a filter. Once on top of the mountain there are lots of ferns and it is a lovely forest. We followed the train tracks all the way to the falls. The trail is marked very well. We made it to the falls in three hours and set up camp by the river. There are several primo campsites there. The roar of the falls made the perfect white noise for sleeping. The falls can be safely swam and several people jumped from the falls and swam to the shore. It was an outdoor adventure playland.

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