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... hike was as described here. Great views, lots of pretty streams, enough variety of up, down, and level time get a good workout without needing many rest breaks. Enjoy!! By: Jeff Nelson Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, September 29, 2018 My teenage and tweenage daughters and I are new to this. We did this hike overnight and thoroughly enjoyed it. The directions here are spot on ...
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... Strickler Knob Elliot Knob Veach Gap Indian Grave Ridge Crabtree Falls Cold Mountain Halfmoon Mountain Kennedy Peak White Rocks Tibbet Knob- GNM Beautiful views of Trout Run Valley Great Virginia Hiking Books! Crabtree Falls/Spy Rock- Nelson County, Virginia Topo Hike Trails Map All Hikes Map Click for location shots Click for parking/start location Hike trail Other trail Length Difficulty Streams Views Solitude Camping 3.8 mls N/A Hiking Time: Elev. ...
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... downed trees that previously blocked the trail had been sawed up and the trail was completely clear of any obstacles. This hike is not easy, but not as tough as the the nearby Three Ridges Wilderness loop in Nelson County. Once you make it to the summit, the worst part is over. The last 7+ miles are easier that the first 3 miles in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike and plan to ...
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... Scout hikes here but I am surprised this hike is listed on the HikingUpward site, as it is little more than a woods walk. There are better hikes within a short drive of Charlottesville- Fortune's Cove in Nelson County, and Mint Springs, Preddy Creek and the new Patricia Byrom Park in Albemarle County come to mind. UVA's Observatory Hill offers a better workout and is closer to town. As a recent reviewer noted, ...
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