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Raven Rocks - Bluemont, Virginia

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Commuter Lot Parking: Park on the south side of VA 7 at the ridge. 39.11536, -77.8475
Trailhead Parking LIMITED: Turn onto Pine Grove Rd. and park in 20 yards on the right into the small parking area and kiosk trailhead. 39.11665, -77.85239
WARNING: Do Not park on Pine Grove Rd/VA679 or you may be towed.
Adhere to the No Parking signs.

The view from Raven Rocks is one of the best in the area. At a total distance of 5.8 miles with a vertical gain of 1,530ft there are three strenuous ascents on this out and back hike, as you can see from the elevation profile. Raven Rocks is also a popular area with rock climbers, as the wall can be accessed by a road 0.4 miles from the east. The only consistent complaint from reviewers is that the hike is extremely rocky. Make sure to wear good footwear. A hiking stick or poles are also recommended.

Parking: There is limited parking for 6-8 cars at the trailhead and information kiosk on Pine Grove Rd. If this lot is full park at the ridge off VA 7 in the large commuter lot. DO NOT park on the side of Pine Grove Rd as there is a good chance you will be towed. Make sure to adhere to the No Parking signs.

  • Mile 0.36 - The white blazed A.T. will go uphill behind the kiosk. Cross over the first ridge then make several steep switchback descents before reaching a small run in 0.8 miles. 100 yards past the run cross over an unblazed disused trail. After ascending the next ridge come to a nice view of the Winchester Valley to the west. This view is obscured when leaves are on the trees. Continue over the rise then descend more steeply to Raven Rocks Hollow Run.

  • Mile 2.4 - There is a large campsite on the north side of Raven Rocks Hollow Run, with a spring 100 yards downhill. Climb the final ascent of 0.5 miles passing a sign marking the Virginia/ West Virginia border, then arrive at the Raven Rocks overlook where you will find fantastic views towards the south west and the Shenandoah Valley. During spring and fall, the Raven Rocks 100ft wall is a favorite spot with local rock climbers. To return retrace your route south.

  • Mile 5.8 - Arrive back at the commuter parking area on VA 7.

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Hiker Reviews For The Raven Rocks Hike (5 Most Recent)
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By: VA_hiker_923 Rating: Date of Hike: Sunday, October 14, 2018
The views were ok. Solitude was a 0. Definitely wear hiking boots or shoes with good tread. Very minimal parking at the trailhead/kiosk.

By: Tyler Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, August 25, 2018
The view from the top is indeed very nice! The trail getting there though I felt was kinda boring, just an uninteresting forest with little undergrowth. No flowers or wildlife.

Trail was busy on a beautiful August Saturday. Took us (decently fit guys) 90 minutes to get to the Raven Rocks while hiking at a moderate pace.

By: Jim C Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, August 04, 2018
This is my 2nd or 3rd time hiking Raven Rocks. This go-round, it was pretty foggy and the streams (2) were flowing due to all of the rain recently. The amount of rainfall made for more enjoyable hiking (i.e., water crossings) in my opinion. The most dangerous part is cross Rt 7 if you park in the large parking lot on the south side of Rt 7. Given the rain and fog/humidity I spent more time looking down than normal. Didn't see a lot of people on the way toward WV but I passed several groups on my way back. Lots of rocks and tree roots to step on/over. I didn't take my poles this time but probably will next time.

By: Rating: Date of Hike: Friday, July 13, 2018
My kids and I hike bear's den regularly and wanted something new. We arrived at 1:30 and were able to park in the lot. Well marked trail, saw about 10 hikers total. It is extremely rocky/roots, we looked down a good portion of the hike. By 1.5 miles, the 10yo asked to turn around. I was a bit upset not to reach the rocks, however it was a strenuous hike. 14 and 12 to would have made it. it took us 2 hours to hike 3 miles with a few rest/water breaks. can't wait to go back!!

By: E.G. Rating: Date of Hike: Friday, November 10, 2017
My husband and I went on this hike during Veterans' Day weekend. We arrived at around 10:30 and got a prime parking spot right in front of the kiosk. The weather was clear but chilly at 37 degrees. When we started the hike we were a bit chilly but quickly warmed up early on during the hike. Thank God we visited this site before we decided to pick this trail because we took the advise of reviewers who said to wear good hiking shoes, bring hiking sticks, and lots of water along with a backpack to tuck away our layers. I found my hydration backpack to be very handy so we didn't have to stop to hydrate. The hiking shoes really helped us get through the extremely rocky trail. The entire trail is filled with big rocks so make sure that you are prepared - I recommend stretching before and after. We are not experienced hikers by any means but we do have a moderate workout schedule which definitely helped to get us through. In the fall, there are lots of leaves on the ground so the hiking sticks helped us not to slip in the areas that were a bit slick. Once at the top, the view was absolutely breathtaking! Definitely worth the hike. On the way back, because we didn't keep track of the ascents and descents, we were definitely feeling the roller coaster effect. Every time we thought we had reached the end, there was another ascent. All-in-all, this is a great hike! The trail is also very well marked, so that was a tremendous help (look for the white mark on the tree trunks to help guide you). Also, the trail was not crowded at all. We saw people about every 5-10 minutes which was nice because there were big chunks of time when we felt completely alone. Everyone was very friendly and courteous. I would definitely recommend this hike for anyone who wants a great workout - even for beginners but if this is your first hike, just be prepared to be very sore the next day because this hike can be a challenge. The views are a huge bonus so take lots of pics!

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