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Route Files and GPS Information
  • .gpx eXchange is a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data (waypoints, routes, and tracks) between applications and Web Services on the Internet. Most GPS software will be able to open these files as well as many smart phone apps.

  • Garmin .gdb BaseCamp files are designed to be used with Garmin GPS units to transfer routes, maps and other information.

There are several smart phone apps which allow you to import standard .gpx routes and also provide topographical maps.

Our favorite, and the one we use hiking, is the iOS app 'Trails' by iosphere GmbH. The instructions below will guide you through importing and loading .gpx files from HikingUpward. If you have a Android device there are several mapping apps that provide the same functionality and are available on Google Play.

All hikes on this site contain a link to both a .gdb Garmin BaseCamp and universal .gpx eXchange file.

Platform iOS:

Trails · Outdoor GPS Logbook 4+
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iosphere GmbH

You want the pro version. It's only a few dollars a year.

Step 1:

  • Open the hike page in your iOS browser

  • Press down on the .gpx file link and the screen to the left will appear

  • Select 'Copy Link URL'


Step 2:

  • Open the 'Trails' app

  • The pop-up for GPX import on the left will be displayed

  • Select 'Import GPX file'

Step 3:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Trails app home page where imported tracks are displayed and select it

  • Select the imported track on the next page

  • Select the '+' sign then 'Start new segment'

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