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e.g. 12000 Government Center Parkway 22035 or Fairfax VA
Turn onto Pine Grove Rd. and park in 20 yards on the right into the small parking area and trailhead. 39.11665, -77.85239
WARNING: Do Not park on Pine Grove Rd/VA679 or you may be towed. Adhere to the No Parking signs.

The view from Raven Rocks is one of the best in the area. Although the distance is only 5.5 miles with a vertical gain of 1,530ft, as you can see from the elevation profile, there are three strenuous ascents on this out and back hike. Raven Rocks is also a popular area with rock climbers, as it can be accessed by a road 0.4 miles from the east.

Make sure to wear sturdy footwear, as the hike that remains entirely on the white blazed Appalachian Trail, is very rocky.

Begin the hike by heading north on the white blazed Appalachian Trail, as it crosses over the first ridge, then making several steep switchback descents before reaching a small run in 0.8 miles. 100 yards past the run cross over an unblazed trail and remain on the Appalachian Trail.

After ascending the next ridge come to a nice view of the Winchester Valley to the west, before descending and arriving at the Raven Rocks Hollow stream in 1.2 miles from the last run.

Climb the final ascent of 0.4 miles, passing a sign marking the Virginia, West Virginia border, then reaching Raven Rocks where you will find fantastic views towards the south west and the Shenandoah Valley.

During spring and fall, the Raven Rocks 100ft wall is a favorite spot with local rock climbers. To return retrace your route 2.7 miles back to the parking area at VA679 and Rt7.

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By: Rating: Date of Hike: Sunday, February 08, 2015
I would like to follow up regarding the person's comment about parking. This is a Clarke County Area - therefore Loudoun County does not make that decision. I was parked on the gravel - before the No Parking sign and I was STILL towed by Office Hough from Clarke County. It's a shame that as we take in nature and try to have a good time, follow the rules - we are still punished, $150 by Tripp's Towing. THe best part was- originally we were told by Clarke County that we couldn't get the car back untiL monday because the Towing place wasn't open. Clarke County - This is not the right way to treat the loyal patrons of Virginia's beautiful Trails and Parks.

By: Kat Reeves Rating: Date of Hike: Saturday, February 07, 2015
My first time on this hike and I will definitely be back. We arrived early when it was still pretty cold, and there were several parts of the trail on the hike out that were very icy on the descent, and very slippery. Had to be quite cautious and proceed slowly on the ice, but on the way back it had loosened up a little and we made better time. We really enjoyed that this hike had multiple ascents and descents, kept it very interesting out and back.

By: Randy Cook Rating: Date of Hike: Thursday, January 15, 2015
***NOTE RE: Parking on shoulder of 601*** I contacted Loudoun County Sheriff's office on 1/23/15 and spoke with 1st Lieutenant Bruce C. Domin, #9113 at 571 258 3751. He said as long as you park between the signs that indicate No Parking beyond the signs, it is legal to park. Because there are no signs indicating No Trespassing on the fire road, it is legal to access Crescent Rock via this route. He stressed that you are not to enter surrounding private property. I hope this clarifies this issue.

By: Christopher Boyce Rating: Date of Hike: Friday, December 26, 2014
Ran an 8 mile section of the Appalachian Trail with some family the day after Christmas. We ran south from the Blackburn Nature Center on top of Appalachian Trail Road down to the Bears Den parking lot along highway 7.

The trek took about 2 hours, which included a few stops to take in the scenery. The sunny weather made for great views from Ravens Rock overlook. The trail was moderately technical and mostly downhill. Had we started from the Bears Den parking lot, we would have experienced a very different run. Think steep climbs and staircase-like rocks!

It was an overall great experience, and we knocked it out well before lunchtime!

By: Rating: Date of Hike: Thursday, December 18, 2014
This is a very challenging hike - took us 2 hours each way. VERY ROCKY but fun. Crescent Rock is beautiful. I've done this hike several times and had a blast every time. NOTE: if you drive up Route 601 for a few miles, you can access the fire road around the cell tower and it's a short hike from there to the Rocks. It's only about 20 minutes relatively flat. You'll see the access point on the left at the gated fire road. There is only enough room for about 5-6 cars and is clearly marked where you can legally park. Get there early! It's my preferred route because you can hike north along the ridge before or after you visit the Rock.

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