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McAfee Knob Rating:
By Amish Raven , hiked on: 10/19/2014
We drove in from Richmond, VA @ 7am - stopped for gas and breakfast - left the parking lot at 11am to hit the trail up. The four of us 2 adults 2 kids, took our time (we hike once per year) and this is the longest trip so far... stopped at both shelters on the way up, stayed 30 min at each (thankful for the outhouses) we traveled slowly, taking pictures, climbing the rocks, an ... more >>>

Crabtree Falls Rating:
By Hans und Heidi , hiked on: 10/19/2014
We was scheduled to fly a balloon but it was cancelled, so we were in proximity for an early start ( 8 ) at the Falls. The morning was perfect with great colors, with many of the trees still having some time to change. The trail had maybe 10 people going in the same direction, with folks alternating the many over looks along the way. The way back it was getting much busier with ... more >>>

Old Rag Mountain Rating:
By Kait Twentysome , hiked on: 10/12/2014
The views were breathtaking. They are really reason enough to go on the hike. For me, the rock scrambles at the top added to the fun of the hike. They are difficult, definitely more than just a hop or large step, and I saw several hikers (men and women) that I felt dressed inappropriately and also were not courteous in allowing others to go around since they had trouble with so ... more >>>

Spruce Knob/Seneca Creek Rating:
By , hiked on: 10/11/2014
Incredible hike. Every mile looked like a completely different ecosystem and pictures don't do it justice at all (but I tried, and you can see all of my photos here - However, I echo the commenters below, there is some weirdness with the Horton trail and Seneca Creek trail. I printed off the map here and we took the Horton ... more >>>

Duncan Knob Hollow Rating:
By Kevin , hiked on: 10/18/2014
My wife and I did this hike for the first time with our pup. We had beautiful weather and the trees were pretty much in full color. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a much more popular hike than we expected, which forced us to take one of the last camp spots up on the ridge near the knob. It was a pretty exposed site just feet from the trail which did not offer much protect ... more >>>

Old Rag Mountain Rating:
By , hiked on: 10/18/2014
I have completed this hike 4-5 times, because it is that much fun. It's popularity is totally justified. The views are amazing, it's physically taxing, and going off course and exploring the rock scrambles is awesome. Do not go during this time of the year!!! There were lines to backed up a countless rock scrambles and overlooks. Some lines were backed up to 45 min ... more >>>

Bull Run Mountains NA Preserve Rating:
By Teresa , hiked on: 10/19/2014
Notice: a ranger at the start of the trail said the ridge area will be closed later this year for maybe a couple of years. When it opens, it might be with limited access. Owners of the private property are concerned about erosion. This is unfortunate, because it is a really nice, convenient hike with a beautiful view from the ridge.  It was pretty crowded on the ridge, and ther ... more >>>


Flora and Fauna of the Mid-Atlantic
Have you ever come across plants, flowers, or small critters and wondered what they are? Take a look at this comprehensive Mid-Atlantic flora/fauna site run by our good friend Mike. We often snap pics of plants and flowers to identify when we return from hiking.

Extreme Hike

Xtreme Hike For Cystic Fibrosis
Have you ever considered an Xtreme benefit hike? Here is one happening at the Wintergreen Resort to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research. It is being sponsored by Geico and Devil’s Backbone Brewery and will consist of two distances, 12 and 28 miles. For more information checkout the link below or contact Martin

Ticks and Lyme Disease
The ticks start coming out in the Spring, with the summer months of June and July prime ticks season. Help protect yourself from Lyme Disease and make sure to take the proper precautions. Apply a repellent with 30%+ deet, and consider using a clothing repellent like Permathrin that kills ticks.

West Virginia

Wild - by Cheryl Strayed

Partial review from Dwight Garner, The New York Times:
"“...Wild” recounts the months Ms. Strayed spent, during the summer of 1995, when she was 26, hiking alone on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State..."
"...The clarity of Ms. Strayed’s prose, and thus of her person, makes her story, in its quiet way, nearly as riveting an adventure narrative as Jon Krakauer’s two “Into” books: those matey fraternal twins, “Into the Wild” and “Into Thin Air...”

A Walk For Sunshine - by Jef Alt Review
Jeff Alt takes you along every step of his 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail adventure filled with humorous, frightening, and inspirational stories including, bears, bugs, blisters, skunk bedmates, and hilarious food cravings. As Alt walked on through freezing temperatures, driving rain, and sunny skies, he was constantly buoyed by the knowledge that his walk was dedicated to his brother who has cerebral palsy. Alt's adventure inspired an annual fundraiser which has raised over $150,000 for the Sunshine Home where his brother lives.

The Mid-Atlantic Hiker's Guide: West Virginia - by Michael V. Juskelis

Michael Juskelis’ dedication to the outdoors, as well as decades and many thousands of miles of hiking experience, is in evidence throughout his new guide to a selection of West Virginia’s most beautiful trails.

With 64 backpacking and day hikes this new West Virginia hiking guide is a must have for old-salt hikers looking for that new route, as well as the beginner trying to find an easier hike with gorgeous scenery.

  • Detailed reviews of the trails
  • Trail directions, including important landmarks such as camping, water sources, and view points
  • TOPO maps
  • Trail coordinates
  • Order your copy here
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