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Geo. Washington NF
   Big Rocky Row
   Big Schloss
   Brandywine Rec Area
   Browns Hollow
   Buzzard Rock
   Buzzard Rock North
   Chimney Hollow EK
   Cold Mountain
   Crabtree Falls
   Dobie Mountain
   Duncan Knob
   Duncan Knob Hollow
   Elliot Knob
   Emerald Pond
   Falls Ridge
   Fridley Gap
   Gerhard Shelter
   Great North Mtn
   Grooms/Chestnut Rg
   Halfmoon Mountain
   Hardscrabble Knob
   Hidden Valley
   High Peak
   Hone Quarry Ridge
   Humpback Rocks
   Indian Grave Ridge
   Ingals Overlook
   Kennedy Peak
   Kepler Overlook
   Kerns Mountain
   Lake Moomaw
   Laurel Fork
   Laurel Run
   Little Bald Knob Ridge
   Little North Mountain
   Little PassageCreek
   Little Schloss
   Little Sluice Mountain
   Long Mountain
   Long Mountain Ridge
   Meneka Peak
   Mill Mountain
   Mills Creek
   Morgan Run
   Mount Pleasant
   Mudhole Gap
   North River Gorge
   Oak Knob
   Otter Creek
   Ramseys Draft
   Roaring Run
   Sand Spring Mountain
   Shawl Gap
   Shenandoah Mountain
   Signal Knob
   Slabcamp Run
   Spy Rock
   St. Mary's Wilderness
   Strickler Knob
   Sugar Knob
   Tar Jacket Ridge
   The Priest
   Three Ridges
   Three Top Mountain
   Tibbet Knob
   Torry Ridge
   Trimble Mountain
   Trout Pond
   Veach Gap
   White Rocks
   Woodstock Tower

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Old Rag Mountain
516 Reviews
White Oak/Cedar Run
171 Reviews
Strickler Knob
143 Reviews
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130 Reviews
Signal Knob
122 Reviews
Overall Run/Beecher Ridge
119 Reviews
Raven Rocks
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Below are the most recent hiker reviews

White Rocks Rating:
By Jerry , hiked on: 2/6/2016
I did the loop as an overnight two weeks after an epic snow storm in the east coast. Most of the 3 feet of snow had melted with a hard crust remaining on about a quarter of the trail. I had initially planned to camp at the overlook, but there were two hikers ahead of me that went that way, so I made the turn up Racer Camp hollow instead to go a different way. I w ... more >>>

Banshee Reeks Rating:
By Hans (und Heidi , hiked on: 2/7/2016
Heidi always sees the good and gives a 4 star,and was charmed by the old buildings I thought less of this place w 2 stars. It was closer to home, that was nice mit limited time for the Supper Bowl . This day was 50 degrees with 8"-12" snow remaining in the low lands. The snow become like walking on a memory mattress so it made for a pleasant walk. We walked the Old Log ... more >>>

Dead Run Rating:
By , hiked on: 2/7/2016
The good news - as others have noted, is that this is a nice, short hike inside the beltway. A pleasant hike along the river, and the climb up Dead Run is surprisingly scenic, with several little falls and pools. The bad is the loop back once you cross Dead Run again after passing under the GW Parkway. I don't know if the trail is more obvious during the summer, but for much th ... more >>>

Rocky Mount Rating:
By , hiked on: 2/6/2016
I was that other person (with my dog) that MT was talking about...they were a little bit behind me, and we were at the summit together, but saw no one else all day.  Hike has great winter views in a lot of places, and it wasn't too strenuous, but also wasn't the easiest hike in the park.  The steepness on the backside of the mountain is on par with Robertson Mt., Sam's Ridge, e ... more >>>

Rocky Mount Rating:
By MT , hiked on: 2/6/2016
Great hike. Winter views are fantastic. Trail was not snowy or muddy. Only saw one other person (and one dog) all day. ... more >>>

Sky Meadows Rating:
By Gary H , hiked on: 2/4/2016
Walking through 6-9 inches of snow along the South Ridge trail and the AT. The Ambassador White trail and the lower part of the North Ridge trail are pretty clear. Didn't venture over to the Lost Mtn side of the park as I suspect the rains have the low lying areas very wet. ... more >>>

Burke Lake Rating:
By blacklabhiker , hiked on: 1/9/2016
This is a flat and easy trail. It is very popular on nice days so it does get very crowded. Many people ride bikes on it and push strollers. This is one of my go to trails since it is so close, but don't expect it to be a real "hike". ... more >>>


Skyline Drive Status
Shenandoah National Park

Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park is open 24/7 barring a weather event. If you are planning a hike and unsure of Skyline Drive status call the park’s recorded information line for the most current information. Even when Skyline Drive is closed, visitors may access the park on foot.

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) Cabins
We receive many emails every year asking about the cabins in the GWNF and SNP. Maintained by PATC, the club has twelve public use cabins between $20-$45 per/night, as well as twenty PATC members only cabins. Reservations are generally taken up to two months in advance. Check out all the info below:

Black Bears and Hiking on the East Coast
Catching a sighting of a Black Bear can be the highlight of a hike. In the mid-Atlantic, the most likely place to encounter a bear is in the Shenandoah National Park, however they are present in many of our forests or parks.

West Virginia

Wild - by Cheryl Strayed

Partial review from Dwight Garner, The New York Times:
"“...Wild” recounts the months Ms. Strayed spent, during the summer of 1995, when she was 26, hiking alone on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State..."
"...The clarity of Ms. Strayed’s prose, and thus of her person, makes her story, in its quiet way, nearly as riveting an adventure narrative as Jon Krakauer’s two “Into” books: those matey fraternal twins, “Into the Wild” and “Into Thin Air...”

A Walk For Sunshine - by Jef Alt Review
Jeff Alt takes you along every step of his 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail adventure filled with humorous, frightening, and inspirational stories including, bears, bugs, blisters, skunk bedmates, and hilarious food cravings. As Alt walked on through freezing temperatures, driving rain, and sunny skies, he was constantly buoyed by the knowledge that his walk was dedicated to his brother who has cerebral palsy. Alt's adventure inspired an annual fundraiser which has raised over $150,000 for the Sunshine Home where his brother lives.

The Mid-Atlantic Hiker's Guide: West Virginia - by Michael V. Juskelis

Michael Juskelis’ dedication to the outdoors, as well as decades and many thousands of miles of hiking experience, is in evidence throughout his new guide to a selection of West Virginia’s most beautiful trails.

With 64 backpacking and day hikes this new West Virginia hiking guide is a must have for old-salt hikers looking for that new route, as well as the beginner trying to find an easier hike with gorgeous scenery.

  • Detailed reviews of the trails
  • Trail directions, including important landmarks such as camping, water sources, and view points
  • TOPO maps
  • Trail coordinates
  • Order your copy here
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